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The following is statement is from the original TH Trade.

As a result of increased dissatisfaction with the direction of the game and Jagex, I have chosen to leave. The display name, and therefore the friend chat as a whole, have been passed on. It is up to this new management to decide on matters of the chat from now on. Any person in the future who claims to be me requesting or sharing information should be treated as an imposter. Doing so is not my style.

I generally enjoyed my experience running the chat and helping players looking for outfit parts. A big thank you to the thousands of players over the past four years who have positively supported us, and also to those who helped moderate it. It's been fun.

I hope Jagex finally releases fragments for Sentinel and Trapper outfits. They never should have been put on Treasure Hunter to begin with, and fragments are long overdue. I could do more to voice my dissatisfaction, but I know it wouldn't matter. It hasn't so far. Like so many others, I quit.

Good luck with the chat, Squeeze. And remember to have fun.

Sincerely and formerly,

TH Trade

I, too, will step aside, and leave the new owner to manage a thread of their own if they so choose.

A forum mod can please lock this thread. Thank you.
For golem/ethereal/shark/divine sim/camo/gorajan/sentinel/trapper/farmer parts, use friend chat: {th trade}

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