Treasure Hunter and RuneScape

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The skilling outfits is no longer an issue and can't really be called pay to win. You can now earn mostly all Skilling outfits in game one way or another except for Master Skilling Outfits, which will slow come out in the future.

I hardly see an issue with weapons as most weapons on TH are 60 or 70 which can easily be obtained in the game.

The XP, I can understand. But again I see no issue with it. At least not Bonus xp, as you still have to work for it, and we get more bonus xp now than we get real xp, or at least I do.

The problem with there money is the fact that they keep making new games which fail. That is what has been hurting their budget the last few years. They have put so much money into other games that fail, miserably at that, they need more money.

MTX is not a huge issue. If people are willing to spend money on something that doesn't really effect other people, let them. The extent of MTX in Runescape is very limited compared to other games that outright give you max gear like Overwatch, CoD, racing games ect.

They problem is, they are forcing us to buy 100+ keys to MAYBE get something you want. We shouldn't have to be forces into buying keys to finish a damn outfit that has no bonuses. Yes other games do it, but god they are so more lenient that Runescape.

LP and Soloman's is the only thing that was handled well and now they are slowly killing it off, just like they did with Loyalty Points.
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