Found a "Golden Sheep" today?

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Agent F

Agent F

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They came with the last DXP weekend which ended on the same day that Player-owned Farms came out. Expect them to disappear again when this DXP weekend ends.

Finding each one gives a small experience lamp, and finding all 7 gives an additional large lamp.

-Golden chinchompa: Menaphos Merchant district
-Golden ram: Burthorpe
-Harlequin cow: Aminishi (arc island)
-Jackalope: Hefin clan (Prifddinas)
-Lizard chicken: Lumbridge
-Magical zygomite: between Cadarn & Crwys clans, possibly down near the east gate (Prifddinas)
-Sacred yak: Daemonheim

They wander around a bit like penguins, but disappear when spotted like the raven in Prifddinas.
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18-Nov-2018 05:57:55

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