Found a "Golden Sheep" today?

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So, today I was following a clue scroll, and it was taking me up to Burthorpe.
When I was up there I found an animal, named "Golden Something" (If I recall correctly, it was a sheep).

I had the option to click on it and "Spot" it. So I did...
And after that, it "poofed" away. And I got a message saying "1 / 7 Golden animals spotted. Be on lookout for the other ones!"

So, I just wanted to know if any of you have some info on this. Because I can't really seem to find any info on this from the wiki or anywhere else. I have a few questions that I'm curious about.

1. Are these rare?
2. Do they spawn in specific locations only?

Thanks for your time :)

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They came with the last DXP weekend which ended on the same day that Player-owned Farms came out. Expect them to disappear again when this DXP weekend ends.

Finding each one gives a small experience lamp, and finding all 7 gives an additional large lamp.

-Golden chinchompa: Menaphos Merchant district
-Golden ram: Burthorpe
-Harlequin cow: Aminishi (arc island)
-Jackalope: Hefin clan (Prifddinas)
-Lizard chicken: Lumbridge
-Magical zygomite: between Cadarn & Crwys clans, possibly down near the east gate (Prifddinas)
-Sacred yak: Daemonheim

They wander around a bit like penguins, but disappear when spotted like the raven in Prifddinas.
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18-Nov-2018 05:57:55

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Wow, thanks.
Cool concept though. I like when they utilize events to add "a little something extra".
Just makes visiting the same content feel ever so slightly different. And RuneScape has done amazingly at that ever since the start! :)

18-Nov-2018 12:52:33

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