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So, my sister is looking to change her email. However, she does not have access to this email anymore, so she has no way of changing the current email to a new email. Her account does not have posting privileges, on the forums, so I'm posting on my account. Is there any way to switch her email to a new one without having to use the old email, which does not exist anymore? Or is she stuck with an email she no longer has access to?

Side note: I noticed you guys still don't really have a support email for your player base, even after like 10+ years? Why?

05-Mar-2019 04:46:53

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Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum, as this is not an issue with getting the game running on your system.

If your sister no longer has control of her registered email or it is no longer secure, she will need to complete an account recovery in order to change the registered email.

Go to the Support Centre article: Changing your registered email - Follow the instructions for "Don't have access to the registered email?"

The Denied password resets article provides details of what information is needed, if your sister wants to make sure she has that available before she starts the recovery.

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