Would like all my quests reset

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This isn't an article on the support page, and I don't know how to contact RS support (afaik I can't directly), so I'm going to use the forums for this.

In short, I haven't played RS in a long while but I really enjoy RS3 and would love to play all the quests from zero because I'm somewhat 30% through the quests and don't remember anything I've completed. The main reason I don't want to create a new account and just play the quests on that one is because I am really attached to my inventory and character, ESPECIALLY, the holiday items I've unlocked back in the days.

If any mod can manually reset my quest progress only (hell, they can even reset my stat progress, I don't particularly care) without touching my Django items, I'd be super grateful.

Additionally, I have heard that people want resets for some leaderboard stuff? Just to clarify I don't think I'm relevant on the leaderboards (close to seven digits on position); this is purely for the enjoyment of questing from start without having to have a completely new account.

Thanks a lot in advance.

24-Mar-2019 10:53:52

Skod River
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Hey Trimmbor.

Don't believe that is a service they do provide , so that could be the reason of why you can't find anything about that :)
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While I know that isn't a particular service they provide, I'm hoping their backend API allows for such a service and isn't too difficult to pull through. This is a very selfish request to be sure.

24-Mar-2019 11:46:53

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Hi there

I very much understand where you are coming from, but this is unfortunately not something which is currently possible. There has been talks about making quests replayable in the past, and a few actually are, but I have not heard anything about it for a very long time. If we are talking ~30% of the quests, you could decide to either read or watch walkthroughs to catch up! The other alternative is probably making a new account just for those and then otherwise continue playing on your main.

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I understand, thank you for the help. I will likely just do my questing on the OSRS version since it's almost clean and then switch back. I was really curios if this was possible because one could imagine an account reset API that distinguishes quest progress, experience and inventory.

24-Mar-2019 12:34:18

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