my account was hacked jagex

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11-May-2019 04:14:33

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3rdAgeKnight said:
my account was hacked and the email using it is now -edited-. he stole all my gold and items i cant even get mad anymore this is just sad and pathetic. can a mod please change the email back to mine since i cant change the email in use

The above is the opening post, minus the email address contained within it, as that information is best not posted to the forums. Additionally, this thread has been moved to the Account Help forum as advice can be best provided here on this.

If you cannot access that email, then you will need to submit an Account Recovery for the account, and fill in the information to prove ownership of the account. Within that forum, you can specify a new email - that email will become the registered email on the account if the recovery attempt is successful.

11-May-2019 04:59:48

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