Are Autotypers Legal?

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Hey Anroy!

Dear friend, do not listen to the other people who do that kind of practice in the game. The first thing is that all Macroing and third-party software they are prohibited in the game as well as autotypers, autoclickers, bots and others. Check here for read the RuneScape Rules.

If someone told you about this, keep it discreet and avoid using it because your account may be banned by bot even if it is the first time you use it.

I hope help you and have fun!
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Sorry for my english :3

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Hiya, Anroy :)

Nopp it isn't legal on RS3. Any third-party software that performs automated tasks would be considered macroing. - The auto-chat feature in OSRS is implemented in the game by Jagex, so it wouldn't be considered a third-party software performing automated tasks, it would be a first party feature performing automated tasks and therefor legal on OSRS.

Even if it was legal on RS3 the purpose for using it is often illegal/not allowed aswell, as in most cases it's used to spam messages which might be disrupting people's gameplay or people use it to advertise websites, which is also is reportable. Luckily on OSRS you're able to turn off the auto chat feature if you don't want to see all the spam.

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