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I've been pretty inactive on my account for the last few months, and heard nothing about this update. For a few weeks on and off I was pking on PVP worlds and BH worlds on my 45 defence - 60 attack zerker account. I mostly pk with range to melee (MSB to DDS, Gmaul, D 2H) and failed to notice the switch of attack style since I switch very quickly into and out of those weapons as I use the special attack. I managed to gain somewhere around 10-15k attack xp before I noticed I was on the wrong attack style while wielding a DDS and came back from being AFK. I checked my stats, and I was 300 xp from leveling to 61 attack. I'm extremely disappointed because I cannot complete my account now, since doing all of the quests for "Recipe for Disaster" for barrows gloves will gain me several thousand attack xp (Hero's quest, etc). This is my first pking account and means a great deal as I have sank over a thousand hours into it to make it into how I desired...

Please help....thanks for your time.

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Moved this thread to the Account Help section of the forums, in case you come back with any questions/concerns.

In the mean time, I recommend refering to the second section of this News Post and utilizing the Support Ticket they redirect you to.
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