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Crude Steel
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Crude Steel

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My email associated with my account is an old work email that has been taken out of service. I can still log into my account with authenticator (obviously because I am on the account right now)... however, I can not change my email to one that actually works without using the email already assigned to it. I just need help changing my email to one that actually isnt deleted forever. I have submitted a claim.. but I just need help. Please and thank you :)

21-Mar-2019 01:18:41

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Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum.

Without access to the registered email account, you'll need to do an account recovery to prove that it's your account and change the registered email address. See the instructions in the "Don't have access to the registered email?" section of the Changing your registered email article in the Support Centre.

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21-Mar-2019 03:32:50

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