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Tims Crew
Jan Member 2019

Tims Crew

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Hello, I was hacked on OSRS and lost lots of gold that I literally just obtained from getting a valuable drop.

I go to the support page and literally just keep getting kicked out and confused.. it’s a maze of pages, I JUST purchased another months membership and this happens to me.. can
Somebody PLEASE help me!!

This is ridiculous, and their is no point to continuing membership or playing after this.. I really just want to have my darn 30milliok back.. I have no clue how this even happened...

24-Mar-2019 01:01:10



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Hey Tims Crew!

At the moment the only thing you can do on your own runescape is to make it safer.

Try to avoid starting the session on devices you do not know or try not to open the game in applications other than Jagex, the same applies to your mail. It is recommended that you make a change in general like you email adress and changing your password so that this does not happen again.

The next thing is that you must put an authenticator to the account and Keeping your email secure with 2-step verification.

I am sorry that you have lost belongings of your account for the moment is the only thing I can tell you.

I hope help you and have fun!
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Sorry for my english :3

24-Mar-2019 01:17:17

Tims Crew
Jan Member 2019

Tims Crew

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Yes I set up Authenticator plus changed password etc after this I literately just purchased membership and literally just got a valuable drop to make this cash that I lost.. very upset

24-Mar-2019 01:38:25

Chow Chow
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Chow Chow

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If you clicked on a youtube or twitch link promising you DXP, a money giveaway or was about some streamer quitting, then that would explain why your account was hijacked.

However, if you changed your password and this is still occuring, then it sounds more like you might've downloaded a virus/malware/keylogger in some way/shape/form.

I would sincerely recommend scanning your computer and then changing your password again and applying a new authenticator/bank pin to your account.

Please refer to this article on Computer Security Software recommendations, if necessary. Please note that not all software scan for all types of things. For example, one may be more proficient with viruses than it is with keyloggers.
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24-Mar-2019 04:40:05

Tims Crew
Jan Member 2019

Tims Crew

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I didn’t click on anything.. I played for a long time back in the day and know that DOUBLE XP or free gold is not happening.

Never in my 10 plus years of on/off playing have I been hacked other than the other day.

I’ve had maxed RS3 accounts, very high leveled OSRS accounts, etc.

I create a new e-mail and password on this new pure I make and 2 months later I’m hacked and they get in without even changing my password? Something is fishy.

24-Mar-2019 21:16:52

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