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I've been playing on this account for years, have maxed out the combat stats, made friends, and given back to the community. The unfortunate side of everything is, I made this account on an email I haven't been able to log into for years, I'm assuming it was hacked during Yahoo's big breach. This wouldn't really be a problem at all if I didn't have my authenticator or atleast reset it... I know my password, personal information, and really ANYTHING else I need to log into my account other than the goddamn authenticator that's keeping me from being able to play again. Is there ANYWAY I can provide any alternative information to disable or atleast reset my authenticator? I'd hate to lose all the progress I put into this account and really want to log back on to my main account.

13-Mar-2019 00:50:40

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Thread been moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum.

The first thing you should do is change your registered email to an account that you do have access to. See the following Support Centre articles on how to do that:

Your email is old/inaccessible

Changing your registered email

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

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Just a add to what Tren already have said. :)

Or you can look into this QFC : 408-409-968-66033700 , where i do believe your problem are explained and how to solve it.
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