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Hey Psybar2,

welcome to the game and to the forums. :)

There is a thread on Player Moderation here: 254-255-516-65680610

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How can I become a Player Moderator?

There is no way to apply to become a Player Moderator.

And there is a support page, click here.

Blue stars are no moderators at all, they are players with premium membership (year membership).
A silver star is a player moderator with premium.

Hope that helped you :)
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04-May-2018 19:38:08

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Just a little more information on some of the various icons you see before names in-game:

Gold Crown - Jagex Moderator, paid staff member
Silver Crown - Player Moderator, volunteer position
Blue Star - Premium Member, paid for a year's subscription + bonus materials
Silver Star - Player Moderator with Premium
Gray Dumbell - Ironman account
Red Skull - Hardcore Ironman account
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"So what is it you actually look for when recruiting?

Okay, so there are a few stages we need to consider.

1st Stage - Initial Thoughts
We look for friendly, helpful players. We look for players that appear to possess the same qualities we look for in a J-Mod. We want players to be themselves. Natural qualities we look for include:
- Patience
- Understanding
- Maturity
- The ability to communicate effectively with P-mods and J-mods
- Positive and constructive posts/comments

- Friendliness
- Approachable
- Active in game/in the community/on social networks"

Note that being positive and constructive to the Jagex games and community is a
. Perhaps all Pmods., Fmods or wannabes should better understand that THIS IS A REQUIREMENT for being a mod. :):):)

Don't forget this very important requirement of role, all Pmods and Fmods. ;)

05-May-2018 17:33:17

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Hiya :)

''Player Moderators (colloquially PMods or just mods) are RuneScape players chosen specifically by Jagex staff due to their commitment to the in-game community. They are ambassadors of the game and help to maintain an enjoyable in-game environment.'' - Rswiki

Just play the game, follow the rules, be yourself and helpful and you're already a good candidate. You shouldn't really play to have the goal of becoming a Pmod, I mean the only difference between a PMOD and a player is the ability to mute and the crown that appears in the chat. Being Pmod basically just shows that you are or have been acknowledged by Jagex as a positive, helpful and useful resource to the community that are promoting the values Jagex believe in.

19-Mar-2019 21:05:09

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Hey Augy37.

That is fake , so you can report him/her for staff imp :)

If you are lucky to be invited , will you get a message in the account message center.
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24-Mar-2019 15:53:58

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