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Been playing osrs for awhile and went back to check out my rs3 account but cant find it anywhere. Both accounts are linked to the same email and all so i figured the account would still be alive but when i check my stats its like i never played rs3. Alot of time and money spent just wondering what happened i have to idea how to contact jagex on the matter so im typing this thread please can some one shed some light an explain what happened

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Hey PoopButtJohn!

Well friend, if you have a long time without log in your account Runescape 3 and once your account does not appear in the statistics does not mean that your account is blocked or banned, just that you have a lot without log in and hidden until you start section again.

If you do not receive an email to change the email address or password, then you have to do a Recovery Request.

I hope help you and have fun!
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Sorry for my english :3

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