Cannot get into the game

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I forgot if this is where I posted this before. However, I cannot, AGAIN get into the game.

I would put in my password, get into the Lobby, enter the game, and see either nothing but a blank screen or PART of the world, no characters, and unable to play.

Now, I had gone through all kinds of tech support to get this fixed. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, cleared cashe and cookies. and many other ways. The only thing I hadn't done yet is get a new computer, but I don't have that kind of money and won't for a LONG time.

I'm sorry for sounding angry, but I hate that I can't play this game! I put money into this, and it ticks me off that it's going to waste. Please help me figure out what I need to do to get this fixed!

Oh, and I was able to get graphics down to the bare minimum, but that hasn't helped at all either.

16-Mar-2019 16:09:08

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heya Pie zancudo

Well if you tried everything I can only leave you something that worked for me, weird but real. when you open the runescape wait for everything to load normal, do not close the page and try to open another window of RS without closing the main then on the second page try to enter your account. I had the same mistake and I do not know why it works on the 2nd and not on the first one. After you enter you can close the first one you opened.

if that does not work, I suggest you activate all the cores of your processor and the entire RAM card then uninstall the game, restart the computer and reinstall it.

I hope to help you and have fun!
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Sorry for my english :3

16-Mar-2019 21:48:01

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Sounds like the 3D rendering is broken.
Have you tried fully removing, and then reinstalling your graphics drivers?

What is your graphics hardware?

As a workaround in the meanwhile, consider using the game's safe mode - that disables hardware rendering and uses only your processor for graphics. Performance and appearance are shite, as you'd expect, but it lets people back into the game with these sorts of graphics issues.

Instructions to do so:

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