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Afternoon all,

It appears that my current laptop maybe on it's last legs, well, it has some life left in her but she's becoming very temperamental to say the least.

I was wondering if Jagex has a recommended gamer laptop brand or specification that could last me quite a few game updates.

When NXT came out, I could smell the burning in my Vaio's processors.

06-Mar-2019 12:53:56

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There are no specific device recommendations. Only general specifications.

This is what Jagex suggests:

Personally, I think that's too low for playable performance, though I'm sure the game would run with that.
I think I'd want to see double the memory, a decent mid-i5 processor and a GTX1060 or equivalent. That would see a decent performance.

That said, what's wrong with your laptop now? What makes you write it off?

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06-Mar-2019 14:09:19



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Wait for ryzen5 3500u Picasso, it is launched
with 8gb dual channel ram and 256gb ssd

Alternatively ryzen5 2500u with similar spec is quite cheap
It can cost as low as 500usd
I own one with that spec and it run quite hot even when it is idle
I have never played nxt on that laptop because I no longer play runescape, i dont even want to install the game client

Intel laptop is quite expensive recently because of the shortage in intel 14nm fab supply
Amd igpu is theoretically more powerful than intel gt2

06-Mar-2019 14:56:18

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