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Dear Jagex, I wrote you letter few months ago to private email (wrong one but becouse i could not find generic one) abou help request for my engagement plan. I known this sounds weard but that's where I met my girlfriend and that's how I would like to purpose. Please can you find some spare time and send me message where I could explain what kind of help I need from you guys and hope you will lovely help me as this is one in the life moment. Hope you will understand and please don't publish this message anywhere else.


05-Mar-2019 19:46:01

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This forum is for getting assistance from your fellow players with getting the game to run properly on your computer.

There is no forum to request J Mod replies to emails. And emails set to the wrong address tend to be ignored.

If you have a Twitter account, I would suggest that you send a brief Tweet to a Community Management J Mod, either Mod Shauny - @JagexShauny, Mod Meadows - @JagexMeadows, or Mod Poerkie - @JagexPoerkie ‏to see if they can provide you with a better way to send in your request.

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05-Mar-2019 21:55:06

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