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Grandpa John

Grandpa John

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Hi there not long ago my Middle mouse button (scroller) stopped working to use/move the camera around my character. My control settings says its currently on ive tried restarting, toggling it on and off but still nothing is working please can somebody help many thanks, Grandpa John

16-Mar-2019 08:52:32

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heya Grandpa John!

The only way i suggest to you is use the
bottons page up and page down
and if you put it can work with
numbers 2,3,4,6,8 and 9, if
does not work maybe you have to unlock the
"camera lock"

i hope help you and have fun!
Skiller level 3

Sorry for my english :3

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Does your scroll button work outside of RuneScape or Old School? You didn't say which game you're playing. You can test the scroll button in a web browser by holding it down and moving the mouse up and down to scroll the browser page up and down. If the browser page is wider than the window then you can scroll left and right too. If holding the down the middle/scroll button and scrolling by moving the mouse works in a web browser then your mouse should be OK and the game is the problem, I guess. If the game has the problem and you've checked the game's options already then the only thing I can think of trying is clearing the game's cache.

25-Mar-2019 23:37:56

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