c0000409 error

Quick find code: 409-410-489-66087925

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i suddenly started getting this error message and i looked it up and followed directions to uninstall and reinstall client (even did cache just to be sure). it hasn't worked for me and now my laptop starts acting really laggy when i open rs client. pls help Leo | Exidouss |

06-Mar-2019 12:52:05

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This is the Stack Overflow error, right? It's usually a good idea to post the full error text for these things.

That error can occur now and then for anyone, but shouldn't be often.

Someone else had this issue recently where it was happening frequently enough to prevent them playing, and resolved it through running the game in compatibility mode. Give that a go.

When did this issue start occurring? What are your machine's key specs?

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06-Mar-2019 14:00:53

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