Citadel Causes Game to Crash

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I have been trying over the last few days to enter my clan citadel. Each time, it will cause me to log out and I have to restart my runescape Client to continue playing.

I'll just provided some information here, hoping someone would be able to help me out! I'm really not good with IT, and usually all the jargons confuse me further, so would really appreciate if you can be patient with me. I've Discord too, if anyone's willing to help...

Windows 10 Laptop
NVIDIA GeForce MX150 / INTEL UHD Graphics 620 (not sure why there're 2)
Intel Core i7 - 8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz
8 GB ram (7.86GB usable)

(p.s. the above sounds greek to me; i'm just listing them out per the forum's instructions)


03-Apr-2019 14:45:32

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Could be related to the hop to a Shard instance, but first try clearing your game cache.
The game downloads models, textures, various bits of the game to your machine. It makes it faster for them to be available when needed. Sometimes, that gets corrupt and/or the game starts to act strangely on account of it. Deleting those files causes them to be downloaded again. Essentially it's like reinstalling the client.

Follow the guidance on that link.

What it doesn't tell you is that you should also let the cache rebuild.

Login to the lobby, press tilde on your keyboard, left to the 1 key on a UK layout, and the developer console will appear. Type "displayfps", and hit enter.

On the top-right a new set of statistics will appear. One of these shows your disk cache, as well as download throughput/speed.
You want to sit in the lobby until that stabilises, and downloads stop. It should get to around 6-8GB, but it varies.

Then try going to your Citadel.

03-Apr-2019 15:45:58

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there are several players having issues entering the citadel, myself included. The issue has involved several worlds. Is there any reason this is happening, also any time on a fix ?

11-Apr-2019 16:54:35

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Hey guys, there was indeed an issue with citadels, but it should be fixed now :)

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12-Apr-2019 15:01:09

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