Player own farm bugs

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I notice some graphical bugs in my player own farm like my chinchompas having no texture or the zorgamites bugging out when they walk around. I also bought the ability to see problems over the animals head but that is not showing up wonder if this can be fixed so I can use what I paided for.

06-Mar-2019 21:16:25



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You need to submit a bug report using the in-game reporting system. This forum isn't for bug reports. The J-mods who work on bug reports don't check here for reports. This forum is community led meaning any help provided here comes from regular forumers like you and I. As regular forumers we can't fix the bugs in the game's code.

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Oh, it's not just me then?
I saw this spawn of Cthulhu earlier:

I didn't report it, because I kind of like the way it looks, and I want more amusing surprised like this when I play.

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