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I am selling a big range of unique collections!

(*note: I've tried to keep the prices as reasonable as possible based on several factors such as uniqueness, supply, buy limits, buy frequency, investment potential etc.)



* Bone bolts: 500m (limit: 10000/4hr)
* Ogre arrows: 150m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Silver bolts (unf): 300m (very difficult to buy even at high prices)
* Misc. ammo stacks: 150m


* Dragon daggers: 800m (limit: 10/4hr)
* Dragon boots: 40m (limit: 10/4hr)
* Corrupt dragon stacks: 900m (limit: 10/4hr)
* Crystal seed stacks: 140m (limit: 100/4hr)

[3] GEMS:

* Rubies: 1350m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Emeralds: 320m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Sapphires: 900m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Opals: 130m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Jade: 15m (limit: 1000/4hr)
* Topaz: 25m (limit: 1000/4hr)


* Rune stacks: 280m (limit: 2/4hr)
* Adamant stacks: 80m (limit: 2/4hr)


Please PM me if you wish to buy any of the above :D
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Need an expert to value my collection. Obviously it's up to the buyer, but it's a doozy of a collection literally 1 of a kind and according to the front page (of this forum) would take 1,783 days to buy. Which I did single handedly over the course of the last several years (since November of 2013). The week of January 8 2018 it made it on the lists for the top 7 days, top 30 day, top 3 months and top 6 months rising. The graph has been on a gradual increase over the past 6 years with only a few minor dips along the way (due to not logging in for sometimes weeks at a time). The only time it had issues was when it hit all 4 top rising pages and people tried to merch them, then I was stuck trying to rebalance the price (which I did). Looking at the graph you can see that despite the huge spike it's balanced out to where it should be (if they didn't hit the front pages). The trend will continue for as long as the buyer is willing to invest.

Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, I've only shown a handful of people this collection so I won't be posting what item it is currently. If you're personally interested I will show you, but please respect my wishes to keep it private!

I have ~1070k of them at a buy limit of 600/day
The ge value is currently set ~927m

If I can't get a pc on here due to me being vague I'd be grateful to any master collectors who might be able to pc this for me to pm me. pm is always on!


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@SED1 Going by the description on the item I am going to assume it is probbaby bronze/iron/steel weaponry or armor.

Considering the fact you drove up the medium price above its natural price people could be aprehensive to buy it. Hence you might not even get offers for med price.

Pricing collections is a speculative sience at best, it all realy depends on what the buyer is willing to lay down. Depening on the item 550m-1.45b would be the range I put it at.

Granted bronze med helms have been sold for 2.5k ea but that was the case of a realy motivated buyer, those are hard to find.
Link to the Collections Trading and Hiscores Thread.

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@Pieterjan It's not something anybody would typically think about. It's not armor/weapons/clothing/seeds, in fact it has basically no purpose. I'm confident in assuming I'm the only with this (maybe not). It's such a niche item and I know without giving out the actual item you did the best you could to price check it. This is probably the last message I'll leave here I don't want to flood this forum while I'm being so vague about my item. As I mentioned above anyone is able to pm me if they want!


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2m wild arrows
830k dark arrows
500k araxyte arrows
117k spider venom
100k portable sawmills
100k opal bolts (e)
67k metal settings

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