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i recently (today) tried to enter the Portal in the western area of the market for the event.
Due to my temporarly low internet connection, i got ported into the map before the map was fully loaded.
As a result, i couldn't move and got ported out of the room after the lime limit expired, without even having a chance to get anything.
I tried to reenter the Portal, but it wont let me.
Is there a chance to redo the event?
Thanks for the help.

28-Nov-2017 23:24:18

x TheDstr x
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x TheDstr x

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I always post somewhere I dont know if it's the right place:( Amulet of will take charges off for teleport.....but teleport you nowhere....and then Amulet is gone....plz fix....tyvm I can do everything in new RS except.....MINE. I CANNOT MINE ONE THING OR IT CRASHES MY COMPUTER... CANNOT REACH ANYBODY TO HELP ME.:( I invest alot of money in RS please fix mining issue and do whatever u want w old RS purple cat crashes my computer no matter the interaction. Please help me

28-Apr-2019 04:21:21

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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This thread was used for some event in 2017 (can't identify what it was) but it should have been left in the Guides and Help or RGU forums long ago.

x TheDstr x - You will see a description of all the forums in the Forums Home page, then visit whichever best suits. Your query should not be posted in someone else's thread and is also nothing to do with the OP above. Please make your own thread in he Guides and Help forum. Thanks.

29-Apr-2019 03:20:53

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