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Date: Saturday February 6th, 2016
Time: 9:00pm UTC/4:00pm EST
World: 100
Location: Falador Park
FC: Quest March
Cohosts: Dennorak, Nature Rosa
Backup Cohosts: Ascertes and Aterivus


A small gathering of people interested in quests, story and lore. We will gather, talk with each-other, and do a few events. Normally the questing and lore communities are separate, so this will be a nice venue for people of the different communities to meet each-other.

Outfits (optional)

To make things more interesting, and going along with the quest/lore theme, anyone can come to the event dressed as an character from the runescape universe. There are three ways you can do this:

1) Try to imitate the costume of your preferred character as closely as possible.
2) Choose as npc, but change the outfit drastically. For example, what if the npc was wearing something different? Or if it's an old npc, dress up as how you think that npc would look like if updated, etc.
3) Dress up as what you think an character who does not appear in-game (but is mentioned somewhere) looks like.

Casual roleplay is allowed, but keep it minimal as it's not a roleplay event. At the end we will have a fashion contest with some gp rewards**


Quotes Game

At any time during the event, if anyone is bored, we can play the RS Quotes game. The idea is simple: Someone says a quote by an npc ingame, and people have to guess which npc said that quote (hint are allowed). Whoever guesses the correct npc can now either say their own quote, or pass the privilege to someone else.

However, it can take some time looking for quotes during the event, and the quote may not be a "good quote" (neither too specific or too generic). If you plan to play, it's recommended you pick out ~10 quotes before the event starts.

There will be an official game with gp rewards near the end of the event.
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Eren Lapucet

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Since we will be at Falador Park anyway, we can do some Giant Mole if people are interested. Also, depending on time and how many people can show up, we can also vote to do some lorey but "light" PVM (as to cater to lower leveled players), such as King Black Dragon, GWD or Barrows.

Flower Planting

Anyone who wants to stock up on some mithril seeds can do so. We will be planting both in Falador Park, occasionally when traveling, and in some locations during the Quest March (such as Guthix's shrine).

Quest March

The main event of the gathering, starting at 11:59pm UTC. We will do a large trek across Gielinor, visiting quest and lore related areas, many of which would never be visited otherwise, or would be completely forgotten. During the way there will be brief summaries of the quests and lore of those areas. The March will also be construed as not to leave players who cannot access every area behind in the march. As mentioned, we will plant flowers in some important locations.


After the quest March, we will end the event with several rounds of Castle Wars.

Event Coffers

For some minor drop parties and the fashion contest. Currently ~10m. Anyone can donate more money if they wish.


And that's it! Stop by and visit if your free, and feel welcome to invite your friends and others who are interested in lore.
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