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Hi there
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This is going to be a hard one to answer.
I suspect there might be something in your phone settings that is making you fully log in each time.
Check other logins you do via your phone - do they still have quick log in or do you have to fully log into other websites as well?
The last update has not changed the quick log in feature, it should still work as it always has.
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15-Mar-2019 10:16:09

Lelu lemons
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Lelu lemons

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Also experiencing this issue. My phone still saves my info, so I can still log in with a couple taps. However the client forces me to the regular login screen very often. It also does this right away for a world hop if that info helps. But usually good for multiple world hops again once logged in again. Just to be clear. First login in all game I get booted to the original login screen, the very first world hop will also boot me to the original login screen.

15-Mar-2019 19:36:48

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I’ve had a look through my settings and couldn’t find anything useful.
Since the update my game has also been crashing when trying to load up for the first time in a while. I’m going to try reinstall the app and see if that makes a difference

15-Mar-2019 20:42:48

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I am also having the same issue. It started a few days ago and has been very annoying this weekend while trying to play. It worked great before and no changes to my phone settings have been made.

17-Mar-2019 03:15:24

u 3 y

u 3 y

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+1 on recent update v178.2
Extremely annoying. it is every single time, it is laughable that you can't simply test before pushing updates out.
Breaking things that already work!
Seems like i would be a better beta tester than your whole staff.

17-Mar-2019 04:07:22 - Last edited on 17-Mar-2019 04:08:41 by u 3 y

Sneezy G

Sneezy G

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I am also having the same issue, even when i hop worlds i get signed out. This all happend since te last update not so long ago ( a week) i manually have to enter everytime i try to play this game, please fix this asap !!

17-Mar-2019 09:29:20

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