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Devious Jay
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Devious Jay

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I'm not sure if this is the right section but are there going to be any future game integrity updates? One of the most common places I see that you can perfectly tell are botters is edgeville furnace. All level 3 with random names like 'luckyguy8999' and 'realman2828'. You know, really generic names. Look up the high scores and the only stat they have is smithing...

Is there any more antibot things coming out e.g. maybe forcing a log on one of these and maybe placing a temporary lock on the account to authenticate someway to prove their not a bot, like a time limit of where they login to their account settings and do a 'not a robot' type thing. This way if the actual RS Player is active, surely they'd do this within 10 minutes or so, where as a botter who is afk would take a couple of hours more than likely to do this.


I know there are some honest level 3 skillers out there that like the achievement and as a hobby do this and i'm sorry if this would spoil the minority, but maybe to use easy access to the edgeville furnace (as an example) that to use, you either need a certain amount of quest points or a certain total level to use.

Any suggestions would be welcome! But if anyone is with me and wants to cut the bot situation down then i'm sure you'd all agree that we need to look at taking action soon.



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