Brimstone key drop wyrms

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Every task when i het a brimstone key drop the key wil drop with the pile of bones or ashes or where the specific monster is. Wyrms drop their brimstone key 1 spot away from their bones. I was already wondering why they didnt drop keys anymore. Why is this? The ground is dark and with the key on the ground dropped next to the bones i can barley see it. Amyone else has this problem? Please fix this and make them drop the key on the pile of bones.

02-Mar-2019 09:06:56

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Yes, have same issue. I was wondering too, why I wouldn't get any more keys from Wyrms and then realized that they were getting dropped separate from main loot.

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I'm playing on mobile and was killing wyrms moment ago... Just realized from chat messages that I had missed 2 brim keys because they stack with the arrow drop location, and theres no way of seeing them if you dont pay close attention to the chatbox. Normal drop location would be a lot easier place to find it from as that is checked anyway. I never go after my arrows, and that makes me miss them 90% of the time. Who idiot designed this?

14-Apr-2019 21:50:01

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