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Le Pure Lie
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Le Pure Lie

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every now and then when i log on i like to get my rating to 100% collect my items and then head to the bank to go and collect from the nests and enjoy all that i have gotten. but wait it never appears in my bank, i have sent in many bug reports and emails to the item loss. so here i am out about 5m gp and way more in items most likely, do i log on and play and most likely run the risk of yet again losing out on the gp that gets eaten up in the coffers and not receiving the item i should have? does jagex care? probably not cause this has yet to be addressed and even tho i have exaused my efforts to get the bug known, the lingering thought of turning runescape off for good lingers because all this tells me is that if your not important enough in the game your voice doesn't matter.

how often do i experience this bug? 66% of the time so far
what do i play on? PC
how often do i report the bug? 100% of the time
how long have i played? 2007? maybe longer, not overly sure
will anyone get this bug addressed? probably not

21-Mar-2019 04:11:47

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