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For starters I love the interface, I was able to kill Zulrah first try and it didn't get in the way. I have over 1950 kills and in my first trip I managed to do my average of 3 kills no problem.

I've noticed a few audio issues like crackling / stuttering at times but when audio plays good it sounds great!

Clicking on G.E. bankers to open up the bank or the exchange itself is typically opened instantly if you click the head area but I've found it easier to just right click/open it as it's got such a small click radius, Maybe offer the ability to switch left click in general?

I'm about to do some GWD and I'll get back later with more thoughts soon!

13-Apr-2018 15:31:00



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I've managed to do some solo GWD as well as get a kill time of 1:40 at Zulrah. I've had a few misclicks but that likely isn't of any fault to the application. I'm very happy with it and I think it's pretty close to being ready however I strongly suggest boosting the zoom cap as some things are hard to see situational. Another suggest I have is the ability to have the ability hide some of the menu buttons / make them smaller as they aren't needed in some situations.

I've had a few crackling audio issues but they normally go away quickly.

The main and biggest issue is my phone runs the battery down so quickly while only using the OSRS app. I'd say from 100% to 10% You're looking at 1-2 hours tops. Also the phone does get hot but that could be partially due to my case if it isn't an issue for others ignore that from me. (I am using a ip7+)

All in all for what it currently is I give it a 4 out of 5. It would be a 5 if you corrected the battery and sound issues.

15-Apr-2018 02:15:54

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