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Hi guys,

Thank you for inviting me to the beta, I’ve been unfortunate to be on holiday on a cruise throughout the beta and have had very little time to play. However, the little time I’ve been able to play, it has been amazing. Can*t imagine the amount of effort it has taken to get osrs mobile to this stage and you guys deserve massive credit for that so thank you!

The only couple of things I’ve picked upon which I’m guessing is the same for most other people reading through the posts is when you hover your finger over the skill to check your xp rates you can** see it because your finger is in the way, would be nice for it to appear in a different area. Also having a iPhone X it will be nice to have it on the full screen in the future.

The amount of data it uses to run the game is quite incredible. I have only used approximately 50mb of data for the time I have been playing. Running the game in both 3G and 4G whilst I’ve been in various different European countries has been so smooth and I haven’t experienced any lag what so ever. It would also be nice to be able to listen to your own music whilst your playing the game too if this would be possible.

Again thank you guys for inviting me to the beta, wish I could’ve played the game more but I look forward to the full release of the game so I can fully enjoy every single aspect of the osrs mobile.

Kind Regards,


17-Apr-2018 19:29:55

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First, I would like to thank that OSRS team for allowing me to participate in the beta.

Based on my time testing the beta, I would say that mobile, while not without its issues, is close to a releasable state. I have managed to play somewhere between 18 and 20 hours total on the mobile client, and have found several issues, most of which are minor. However, before I get into these, I would like to note the good things about the client in its current state. For reference, my device is an iPhone 6s Plus.

- The game itself runs smooth (for the most part, I'll get into that later), generally stays above 50fps

- Movement is easy and responsive, just as good as using a mouse

- Even strenuous tasks, such as bossing, seem to be entirely doable on mobile, which I certainly didn't expect going into it

- The function mode is incredibly useful, especially for activities such as barbarian fishing, which I spent most of my time doing

- There doesn't seem to be any issues when not connected to wifi, even when driving around in a car, the client never dropped

Now for the issues, not including the ones already listed in the announcement post.

- Banking, as well as other similar interfaces, are a bit of a hassle due to the size, even with the recently added take-all functionality

- Leaving the app seems to log you out in less than 2 minutes, which is annoying. I would like the idle time to last the full 5 minutes of the PC client, if possible

- Occasionally, the function button seems to not work, and you have to turn it off and turn in back on for it to work again, this generally happens upon logging out and logging back in

- In the last day or so, I have had issues getting a solid frame rate, generally hovering around 35 fps, which is odd considering up until today it almost never dropped below 50. Not sure if this is something with the client or some outside problem. *edit: turning my phone off completely and turning it back on seems to have fixed this.

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Adding to my previous post, I have a few suggestions that I feel would improve the mobile client.

- This is a small thing, but I think making the login screen fill the entire screen would be nice. Having black bars on each side is a bit jarring, although I don't know if it's possible to do anything about this. Even if there isn't a 16x9 version of the background out there, I'm sure it could be made relatively easily

- Have the tabs flush with the edges of the screen. Currently, the space between the tabs and the edge of the screen is basically wasted

- Reorient the data orbs when hiding the minimap, as it is now it looks terrible. The same could be said for the XP tracker; not having it flush with the top of the screen just doesn't look right

- Make the bank and other similar interfaces use the extra space when you have the chat minimized. This would make banking significantly easier, especially for smaller phones

- While I didn't personally have an issue with clicking spells on the spells tab, I can definitely see it being a problem for people with smaller phones. It would be wise to make this interface more mobile friendly, preferably in a way that it doesn't have to change on the PC client

- Slightly decrease the time you have to hold down to bring up the right-click menu. Currently, it is just about 2 seconds, which I feel is a bit too long

- Allow us to toggle the function button and still have its effect be active. Right now, if you toggle it off the effect turns off as well

- As stated previously, increase the time you can be away from the app before it logs you off automatically. I see no reason why, assuming it's possible, it shouldn't be the full 5 minutes like on the PC client.

Once again, I'm honored to be a part of this beta test and thank everyone on the OSRS team for allowing me to take part. Hopefully, the full release of mobile is right around the corner :)

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Made a post on Reddit but unfortunately it didn't pick up traction.

Have really loved iOS mobile over the 30+ hours (or so) that I've used it. I'm sure my fellow Scapers have addressed many of the current issues - so below is the suggestion that I'd REALLY love to have implemented.

Right now**** mobile can only be played on Portrait - which for many modern smartphone users is a bit inconvenient. A RS portrait "fixed" mode would be amazing, and solve many issues I currently have with the beta.

I suggest a RS fixed-only portrait mode with the inventory/chat box on the bottom of the screen, and the 'playable' area at the top.


Less obvious that I’m playing at work

Easier to switch between apps/multitask

Less strain on thumbs to reach across screen

Fixed mode (currently easier to play than stretchable due to simpler user interface) doesn’t sit flush across the entire screen anyway. Portrait would provide less black bars, especially on newer/“longer” devices such as the iPhone X

Enticing to new OSRS players since the interface would make more intuitive sense as a mobile app. Temple run, fire emblem heroes, Pokémon name it! Portrait is the way to go. Nobody holds their phone in landscape anymore.

Possibility for optimized screen space. Fixed screen at current resolution on Landscape can easily fit on the top portion of Portrait.

So hard to type on landscape fight now. Portrait would make it just as easy as texting - and wouldn’t obstruct your screen space, so you can type to friends as you watch your character slay or XP waste (currently, keyboard pops up and blocks your view)


Breaks away from traditional OSRS interface


Happy to elaborate on the idea. Thanks so much for releasing the beta! Will miss it dearly once this Thursday comes around.
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18-Apr-2018 06:23:25

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Probably has been said before but the spellbook is quite awkward to use. Maybe if we hold our finger over the spells they pop out in a separate window magnified? I dont know on mobile also if agility course click areas can be highlighted. Its quite awkward working out where to click when you cross over the rope at the seers village course.

18-Apr-2018 17:24:11

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Firstly, i'd like to thank the OSRS team for allowing me to participate in the ios mobile beta.

I'd like to start this feedback to let you know that the device used to play the beta on was an Iphone 7. During my time playing the beta, it has been great! I honestly wasn't expecting the game to run as good as it does, its smooth without any lag at all. Although I have come across a couple of minor issues, which ill now list below, with also some suggestions.


- Wintertod* Countdown Timer: when at wintertod* and there is a count down to next game. If you back out of the mobile app. then go back on to it. The countdown sometimes delays, so for an example. Countdown timer is on 30 seconds, back out of mobile app, get back on the app and the timer will say 15 seconds, although the game has already started. But the timer will carry on counting down to 0.

- Icons Above Chatbox: I seem to of found that the icons above chat box aren't so accurate, either would be a miss click or player would run to that spot I clicked, although I clicked on the icon. The side panel icons are very accurate though when clicking:).

- Battery Percentage: I don't really know if it would count as an issue, but i'm going to say about it here. When doing different things in osrs, I found the battery percentage to decrease inconsistently. I could start on 100% battery, do fishing for 30 minutes and loose 20% battery. Or start on 100% battery and do woodcutting for 30 minutes and loose 60% battery.

- Kicked Out Of App: This didn't happen constantly, but I did find quite a few times that I would just get kicked off the app. Sometimes when reloading the app back up, it didn't have my username saved.

- Q&A Text: When OSRS team announce livestream, a message is sent in-game. Well the message was across game screen. Not in chat box

One other thing which isn't really an issue, but the text in chat box can be hard to read.

Next Post will be some suggestions.

18-Apr-2018 19:52:01

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- Skill Icons XP: When holding on a skill icon to bring up the xp, It appears below the icon. Which makes it difficult to see. Maybe if it is possible, to make the xp appear beside the skill icons?.

- AFK From App Logout Timer: When backing out of the mobile app to go onto another app. There is a very short time to which it logs you out. This can be quite annoying at times. Maybe add a mobile settings, to which you can select a logout time limit. So for an example, 30 seconds afk from mobile app until it logs you out, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. I also thought that something like that could be nice to have in the game overall, if possible.

Once again, I am very thankful for being selected to take part in the ios beta. I look forward for the full mobile release:)

Kind Regards


18-Apr-2018 20:01:18

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Hey Guys,

I have found two more negatives below:

- When on fixed screen you can't search for an item on the G.E as it automatically picks the first option. For example, searching for "dragon bones" will automatically select "babydragon bones".

- When on a fixed screen and training prayer via a friends altar, you cannot click to join the previous host - you have to type in his/her name every time.

I have added these to my thread on negatives/positives/ideas, if you would like to check it out please Click Here :D


~Master Runecrafter~

:D Feel free to PM me for further help :D

19-Apr-2018 00:48:42

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I don't know if this has been brought up by someone else yet, but it's a little bit o an inconvenience when you use a magic spell that applies on something in your inventory. Since the magic book is on the left side and inventory on the right if you wanted to do something like alching you'd have to click the left then right side of the screen instead of be able to click in one spot.

19-Apr-2018 14:01:24

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Some suggestions and feedback after playing around 10-12 hours on an Iphone 6s.


It would be nice if you could zoom with your two fingers, like in other ios applications (browers etc.).

The withdraw/deposit set in the bank is nice, but it resets on logout. Since when swapping applications you sometimes accidently log out and you need to set it again. So it should be nice if it's saved on logout.


I fletched some bows and it went pretty great. it's almost as efficient as in the client.

Also fished some monkfish, no problem.

I did tears of guthix and the clickranges where not that great. The tears in the middle were overlapping a bit with the left and the right ones.

Also trained construction. It's not the easiest skill to train efficient, but on mobile I could easily built two doors before my (regular butler) went back, so it was doable for sure.

The chat-tap range is in my opinion too small. Maybe it's an option to lower the chatbox height and make the tap to chat area bigger.

Using the Grand exchange, banking, logging in, hopping worlds, using spells , using items and right clicking went fine.

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