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Each time i try to connect to the server on mobile app for the past 2 days it gives me this message.

Your account has not logged out of its last session or the server is too busy right now. Please tey again in a few minutes.

I have tryed logging out then in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and switching to mobile data but nothing has changed.

Any idea on why its been happening

15-Mar-2019 23:19:51

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Hi there

There is a possibility that your account is in the hands of a hijacker.

Try the instructions in the Boot/Lock your Account [Info* thread.
These instructions have been written for a pc and require the player to have a login, password and registered email.

If you are using a Game Centre account on iOS you might need to set a login/password to your account first. Instructions: Set an email login for your Game Center account

You should also review the security of your mobile device.
Instructions: Securing your mobile device
And review the security setup of your RS account.
Instructions: Securing your account
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16-Mar-2019 04:26:31

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I'm having the same issue. I can't get logged in. I am pretty sure my account is not hijacked. I have set up an authenticator and used the end all sessions option from the website. Now 3 and a half hours later, I have changed my password to see if maybe somebody was using my account, I get a message saying I am standing in a members only area and to move to a free area to keep playing. I paid for a a membership so I'm not sure why that would be a problem. What gives?

Update: Things seem to be working normally now. Idk what went wrong.

Update: Someone did hack my account. The weirdest person I can imagine apparently. Nothing is different except for my woodcutting skill is now at 77 which it was previously at like 19. My bank has 2000 magic logs and a couple rune and adamant axes. My gold is all gone too. Asshole. But the magic logs he left me will sell for a few gold.

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