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Mod Giara

Mod Giara

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Hey guys Mod Giara here back again with the mobile only patch notes, copied out here for your reading enjoyment.

This week, based on feedback I have included mobile specific engine changes that have gone out with build 901-1.

- Improved the size of the Thalassus hunting mini-game interface on mobile.

- App will no longer crash when double tapping the Treasure Hunter banner.

- The Player Owned Ports Archipelago Map now displays region and island information when tapped.

- The game world brightness is now a 4 option drop down menu instead of a fiddly slider bar making it easier to set the desired brightness.

- We have added buttons on the one-time popup at the login screen that link to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

- Changed the Player Owned Ports Ships name change button from a cog to an improved version of the pencil it had before.

- Increase the pinch-to-zoom distance on mobile, you can zoom out further than before using the Modern Camera mode within the general gameplay settings.

- Disabled the ability to interact with the world when the View Controls interface is open.

- Removed the information button that was causing problems on various interfaces.

- Combat interface when controlling Vanescula during The Branches of Darkmeyer quest now scales nicely on mobile with easy to read text.

- The penguin suit emotes interface used during the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest now scales on mobile along with changing the icon buttons to wide buttons with the icon and a text label to identify the emote.

- The interface for controlling the Zomboat during the A Clockwork Syringe quest is now more readable with centralised buttons and increased text size.

- The Circus Agility mini-game interface now scales nicely on mobile along with changing the icon buttons to wide buttons with the icon and a text label to explain what it does.

- When creating a new account the mobile controls panel will no longer flash before the loading screen, it will appear once you've selected your RuneScape experience.

ENGINE - Mobile

- Fixed a bug causing taps to occur twice.

- Fixed a bug with taps not registering when user is prompted their game client needs updating. (Yes this should be the bank pin fix!)
- Mod Gi*ra -

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03-Dec-2018 15:09:55

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Device name: Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Tab E, galaxy Note 5, all same issue.
Model Number:
Location: USA
Wifi: no
Cellular: 4G LTE
Data Provider: Verizon
O*: Android
OS version: latest updates.

Playtime (Approx): 15 minutes
What is the issue?: Characters not loading. My character, npcs, pets, followers, fishing locations, trees, ivy on walls,etc, everyone is invisible and all skulking locations invisible.
Where is the issue?: Everywhere, worked great and smooth before the update
Does restarting the client fix the issue?: No, redownloaded multiple times, reset devices. Hopped worlds, nothing changed. Game runs smooth, teleporting works and items work.

03-Dec-2018 16:16:14

Mlody POL
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Mlody POL

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Android 6.0

Dear Jagex.

Please fix that black screen crash while running app games doesn't respond after the last game update downloaded from Google Play :x. I payed for membership and can not play for fun time >****;

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