Doesn't load since patch

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I was part of the few with 32bit / 64bit phones (mine being a 64bit) that had a bug which made using Mobile impossible (game crashed as it was trying to download the cache, every single bootup). They said a patch was coming in January (which I assume was this one) and I was so hyped when I saw that there was a patch, finally I could play Mobile!

But my hopes were shattered when I also encountered this issue, I bootup the app, it goes black, then immediately exists to my home screen. Absolutely nothing.

I just hope another patch to fix this is coming soon, I really really wanna play Mobile.

15-Jan-2019 21:27:33

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I have cleared cache, even went as far as clearing save data, and even uninstalled and reinstalled

I do have an older phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) but it still meets all requirements and has never had an issue until the January 14th patch.

16-Jan-2019 08:42:02

human cat
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My game is loading (aka letting me sign in) but there are zero people or NPC*. I was able to mine and eventually clicked on the right area to find the banker at the GE. I did however click on multiple NPCs while trying to travel. The graphics are definitely not fully loading. I tried lowering frames per second and decreasing other graphics, restarting the game and my phone, etc. and people never loaded.

Behold a skulled GE devoid of all pixilated life.

16-Jan-2019 13:47:42

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