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Hey all -

I've been encountering an issue whilst doing 120 prayer. I bank via the Max Guild Cape, use my preset & use the Teleport to House spell (Not a tab, the spell). Sometimes and I'm talking, maybe once a hour, teleporting to your house seems to just crash the game instantly which then displays a webpage stating the game has crashed.

I've been attempting to forcefully replicate the issue however I cannot seem to find what triggers it. Are we able to see crash logs as a player? Is this perhaps something which could be implemented in the future?

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S9+
Model Number: SM-G965F
Location: United Kingdom
Wifi: No
Cellular: 4G
Data Provider: Vodafone
OS: Android
OS version: 8.0.0

Playtime (Approx): 1HR
At the time of the crash I was: Teleporting from Max guild to PoH (As soon as the teleport is pressed)
Can it be reproduced?: No (Well, yes if you just keep teleporting back and forth)

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Mod Asherz

Mod Asherz

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We get all crash logs :P. I'm sure someone in the Client team will pick it up and take a look :)
It might be that you are running out of memory. I would advise you make sure you have no other apps running in the background to make sure you get the best experience possible from the full power of your phone.
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