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I think the gap between the rockertunity when you first hit a rock type is different to the gap of continuous mining meaning you can switch between 2 different types of rock to trigger rockertunities faster. Was using pick of earth and song in priff, hit a rune rock and click the rockertunity then hit an addy rock once and switch back to runite, compared to just mining runite.

17-Nov-2018 16:35:11

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Participating in Ceremonial Sword Smithing does not allow you to end the process if you have made the sword as best as it can be while still having leftover cooldown. The only way to complete the ceremonial sword and gain the exp is to continue to smith the sword and make it worse until your cooldown hits 0.

17-Nov-2018 17:55:23

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Lost my pet in my alternate account because I was dumb enough to take it out in beta mode lol, may I please have my pets back on my active account? And the heat forge resets and it gets annoying after a while to have to go back in and keep scrolling between bars to reselect the items we want. Some ore banks refuse to sometimes take all the ore from my rune box.

18-Nov-2018 08:04:25

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Rockertunities are only just visible on the adamantite rock in the south-east corner of the Rimmington mine. For me at least, they seem to flicker in and out and are only noticeable when zoomed in very close.

(On a related note, rockertunities are sometimes hard to see on any large rocks.)

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Dwarven Ramhammer

1. Gives exp in resource mode and you should be getting double resource no exp

2. Gives ore in exp mode and you should be getting double exp and no resources

3. Your pickaxe is also getting exp and you benefit the gizmos while using the ramhammer which isn't possible currently in mining.

Tested on Banite only.

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Steel Gauntlets Bug

When I played the Beta on my Ironman, my steel gauntlets were not replaced with their upgraded version upon login.

- Equipment worn before logging into Beta: full set of steel armour with full helm and platelegs, mithril mace and offhand counterpart, enchanted gem, pathfinder cape, bronze arrow, amulet and ring of potency
- All smithed equipment had been fully upgraded except steel gauntlets (steel armour had been upgraded to +1; mithril weapons had been upgraded to +2)
- Location at login: Taverley bank

18-Nov-2018 18:01:21

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