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jackie M D B
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jackie M D B

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dear jagex
I can,* do my mining every time I go do go on it, it really cut
off, which I need to back on again. my level 65 on mining

ad I wonder if u can fix this please so I can go on mining. the other
skills are fine just mining is not working. I think it got a bug in


20-Jan-2019 08:04:08

Oct Member 2018


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i am doing the quest: In the aid of myreque. at the last part of the quest i need to smelt a rodclay mould at any furnace. this option is not possible because of the smithing rework so i cant finish the quest.

Please fix this bug A.S.A.P. it is very anoying.



20-Jan-2019 16:23:46

Kane Zurai
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Kane Zurai

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While smithing at a forge and anvil I'm not getting any credit towards my Decorated Smelting Urns. I don't know if this is intended or not but progress was working while smelting bars at a furnace, just not while forging said bars at a forge and anvil.

*Forging Necronium Platebody; base to Burial at the Artisans' Workshop.
*Decorated mining urn currently at 33% and not increasing no matter how much I smith.
*Forging the platebody should be increasing the percentage and sending off the urn for bonus xp.

Hopefully no one already pointed this out :]

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Please fix this glitch Jagex, the golden hammer (Not the quest one) but this one : No longer is displayed animated when smithing. Please bring back the golden hammer smithing animation when wielding it. Please I like seeing something golden smashing a heated object. Animation works currently only when fixing broken pipes at the artisian workshop though. JAGEX PLEASE START PLANING FOR A 300Million Account Event.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick find code: 185-186-627-65997434

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Problem- Doric and Boric Tasks
When I go to Boric to do the final mining task, he gives me 10 runite and 15 orichalcum to mine from the mining guild. The first problem is that despite mining these from the mining guild, he does not take my ore and allow me to complete the task. Also, the voice chat has him saying 15 coal and 10 mithril instead of the new ores I need to mine. With the changes to the mining guild, it is impossible to mine mithril for this task. All ore was mined in the guild so this is not a problem. My character tells him that I have the ore, but Boric just responds with the conversation assigning my task.

06-Feb-2019 01:48:59

doctor empty
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doctor empty

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I have a problem mineing i can smith but i cant mine the bug begane after the mineing smithing update when ever i mine a rock it a window pops up saying erorr game crash and logs me out and it happens when ever i mine i rock i hope im in the right place now ive sent bug reports in game but the problem has not be fixt now i love runescape and always have and ive playd for almost 15 years and i would like if u guy could fix th problem like i said im hope im in the right place and i some times get a ore when the error happens please fix

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