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I love the rework, Except these stone spirit drops. ANY mob that had ore/bar drops are now completely useless. (things like rune dragons, and metal dragons in general, or other slayer mobs that drop alot of rune/addy) Not only does this go for also applies to bosses

All bosses.

so that means ANY boss that dropped ANY ore before update (looking at greg who'd drop 10 runite ore at 9-10k a piece or the coal drops he used to do, and these were his most common drops along with the helms and plateskirts..which now are alchable salvage..*i like that by the way*) now drop these spirits (the g/e price on coal ones are like..177gp, mithril at 408gp, Addy ones being 758gp about equal addy ore. Rune spirits are a sad 2k) They don't even sell on ge at those prices (Coal is selling insta buy at 25 gp. Mithril is insta buy at 100gp when i tried, Addy just doesn't sell)

My main point is that because of that bossing (unless you upped the rate of unique drops all honesty would break the prices of said drops) is not as profitable as it was
on a average trip on Greg, without rares i averaged 2.5-3m now ill be lucky to get more than 1m (thats counting the 2 battlestaff drops i typically get)

I kinda get that fearful feeling that that aspect was overlooked when this update was designed. Could it be possible to either add different items that decent cost (like noted super restores that nex drops, or other potion drops that would offset these spirit drops in the gwd2 bosses/rax? Or should us who enjoy bossing just kind of grin and bear it and wait for prices to stable out on the spirit drops?

09-Jan-2019 11:54:00

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On low graphics rockertunity we can't see at all on ie can you make it like a halo or something easier to see? The chances of getting ores seems kind of slow should be tweaked to give more faster than just xp. Also smithing items seem so slow for the xp gained should be speed up some.

Although I think the new smithing system direct from the anvil bank is cool and the + for different lvl smithing of items interesting and the ease of mining in one spot. I feel it all will end up dead content after people get their armor and masters stuff and unlock the artisians thing.

09-Jan-2019 12:39:36

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In my opinion, i think that the gear is very easy to make and very expensive. as the mining is afk, all you need to do is getting the materials and afk the anvil but that isn't that rewarding for me. I was thinking that the prices should go down a bit. I mean I like the fact that smithing isn't that fast and we have another ores to get, but somehow they need to lower the price. its very easy to get money like that.
A possible suggestion will be like not guaranteed ores from rocks, so that it won't deplete but the ore will be random (according to the level)

We'll need wait to the market to settle, cuz f2p armor isn't selling and its prices are still expensive, that makes f2p mining not useful at all

i like the idea of getting salvage from metal dragons, so that you can hight alch or dissamble them, but i still want dragons to drop bars, so that you can use the anvil at brimhaven dungeon, if not, that anvil is useless

Finally, please make the stone spirits more profitable, because they are bad drops from PvM.

thank you

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Very confused initially, but did some smithing today. One thing I DEFINITELY don't like is why on Earth can I not upgrade my trimmed rune armour (plate, legs and helmet)!? Please fix this :/ Or let me know how I can send feedback to them or something..

10-Jan-2019 20:10:16

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i believe ive found a bug regarding the mining and smithing beta, currently trying to craft Diamond Necklaces (adding a gold bar to a cut diamond) which you have to do on a furnace can not be done. Trying to get priff requirements so please reply soon riya

11-Jan-2019 03:27:47

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Please add more weapon variety within the new teirs, similar to bane but not just long swords other weapon types too.

However the progress made so far is very much well received 👍

11-Jan-2019 18:05:25



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Smelting urns have gotten a huge nerf. For an example, before the update, smelting copper and tin granted 6.2 xp. Now it's only 1 xp. Consequently, the smelting urns fill much more slowly. And if I'm not mistaken, there are no smithing urns.

12-Jan-2019 12:26:53

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are gem ore in priff suppose to be liek 1 gem in a minute with t80 pick? did the drop rate for onyx change?

why did the price of weapons in shop went up 10x? like the claws in rogues den..

12-Jan-2019 15:48:55

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I just spent 45 minutes mining gems and only got 23 gems. What is wrong with the rs team that they messed with the Gem rocks. **45 minutes just to get 23 gems** Why did you make things harder?! This is ridiculously STUPID! What is wrong with you?! You continually mess with things that don't NEED to be fixed yet you DON'T fix the things that need fixing; IE Seren Spirit is not always visible, it shows up in rocks or under players/ pets and can not be clicked on. Get it together RS team or you will lose many devoted paying players! The mining and smithing rework is a joke for those who are above 99 as is with most reworks you do. Actually it seems a joke for those who are under 99 as well. The Christmas cracker was a joke; tokens were sparse if they were even given and the food was useless to most of us. Again I repeat Get it together RS team!

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