Too many bots mining

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Apr Member 2019


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I can't check that but still, silent player /= bot.

The predicted deluge of bots in free worlds doesn't seem to have happened. I'm not saying there are none, merely that there doesn't seem to be a deluge of them.

02-Feb-2019 11:00:43

fmod Member


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I don't talk while mining. Does that make me a bot? I think not. I've mined a lot and a lot of people don't talk as Mining is semi afk-able. Why talk when you can watch YouTube or Netflix.

If you suspect someone is botting then report under Macroing and Jagex will take a look.
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02-Feb-2019 14:12:15

Mad Mazie
Dec Member 2017

Mad Mazie

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I haven't really done much mining but it's kinda sad that some players think that not interested in talking - bot.

Hell, I bet a lot of people here don't even speak English, we have players from every country here.

02-Feb-2019 16:57:50

J y x
Jan Member 2019

J y x

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How did you exactly conclude they are bots?

It is indeed kind of sad that some people seem to think you are a bot if you're not always chatty. I tend to talk with friends privately and / or watch some movie or series while skilling. This means I probably won't be chatting too much, if at all, with other people at the mining site.

I do hope you realise that not all silent skillers are bots. But if you really suspect someone of botting, you could always just report them, of course. :)

02-Feb-2019 22:02:54

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