Familiarisation Reward Bug??

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Tiger Nub
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Tiger Nub

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In the Familiarisation minigame, when you select the rewards to be either multi charm drops or summoning ingredients, I selected the pouch ingredients.

I was given some air tallys and 199 tiny spiky bronze salvages. I presume these are to replace the bronze claws, but they cannot themselves be used to make summoning pouches. I tried with some of all the charms, and checked wikia, and can find no other use than hi alc (20gp) diss or trade.

So, why is this still a reward from Familiarisation? Is this a bug/oversight, or am I missing something ?

Thanks in anticipation :-)
Iron Woman

17-Mar-2019 00:09:33

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Most likely an oversight. This said it would not hurt if they were to fully revamp that loot table (introducing more modern secondaries and only dropping stuff to make familiars close to ones level). I mean it basically hadn't been touched for the last 9 years. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

17-Mar-2019 06:27:03

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