Spiked masterwork armour

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I might have asked this before but now it's been 3 months after the smithing rework. Can we finally get some information about when we can get the cosmetic spikes on the masterwork armour as was promised? The armour looks quite incomplete now...

As proven in this GIF, Jagex already has made the designs in-game and promised them, so why not release it?: https://www.facebook.***/RuneScape/videos/behold-the-masterwork-and-trimmed-masterwork-armour-the-soon-to-be-best-melee-ar/1938515869519689/

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You had 3 new threads on the same topic. 1 old thread from Feburary which is still unlocked.

You only need 1 active open thread to seek the advice you need. The others were locked as Duplicates.

If you feel there was an error then use the Review thread. You will get the same reply from Jagex that you only need 1 active thread.

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