[Short] How It All Began

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Eren Lapucet

Eren Lapucet

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I'm quite interested irl in debates about god and the origin of the universe. I've dabbled with ideas such as Deism, Pantheism, and Quantum Mind Theory. I began writing a humorous short some months ago, but never went through with it. I'll post what I wrote anyways, since it's a nice and short poem by itself.

In the beginning, there was Nothing.
However, Nothing was quite bored,
So it invented Something.
Something was quite the fella,
So Nothing had no quirks at first.

However, as time went by,
Nothing noticed that Something
Always got the attention.
Jealous, it tried to cast
Something back into Nothing.

But Something just wouldn't have it.
As there was nothing,
That Nothing could do,
In the end it was Something
That amounted to Anything.
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