Define the Avatar Above You!

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Hey guys!


Notice -

I am very aware that the original thread has been fully maxed. So I decided
to recreate the thread; I'm aren't too sure if the original OP is still
active in the forums, since the last activity was nearly back
in August 2010. So if the original OP decides to come back and
recreate the thread. I will be more than happy to request a lock.
So in the mean time, lets get started shall we. :)

If ever.

Originally created by Veronsith, which was very popular in the 'general forums' for a couple of years before it was moved here unwillingly.


What does the avatar say about the person above you?

It can be creative, stupid, or just plain silly; any ideas, it matters not. As long as
you use your imagination.



Player 1 with a black dragon mask

Player 2 with a tophat: I want your visage please!

Player 3 with a Santa hat: Lets play monopoly.

Kikazaru: Christmas in the middle of July!!

So lets begin!

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