Presets, Are they broken?

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I have never found setting presets load outs easy. But now the system seems to be broken or just plan illogical.

I want to change my fletching load out to short bows from shieldbows (for daily task). Put on all my kit, load my backpack. Click the preset button, choose worn equipment ,press the 'blue radio' everything disappears no nice logical progression,........................................... rant, rave, send in bug report saying it's all (edited 'a load of rabbit droppings') So now I am here.

I do not like to have to do leaps of logic when a simple big button with 'save' written on it will do.

(And I have to carefully read the post several times to remove the auto spell check changes, can it be turned off?)

03-Nov-2018 09:37:50

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Old Post I know but...I had the same issue. My fix was to empty my inventory, dismiss my follower and have nothing equipped I then saved the preset. Once it was saved with absolutely nothing in the preset, I was able to re-equip my items and load my inventory and update the preset. Not sure what the issue was but that corrected it for me and allowed me to utilize all 5 of the included presets.

Hope it helps if you're still having issues!

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27-Jan-2019 17:25:53

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