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unless the individual can prove it without a doubt then uses it as leverage against individual b as black mail too ruining the game for someone who spend years playing said game ultimately getting pro players banned as you are required by law to treat all players the same and im sure the reddit community would agree

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The Reddit community would agree that black was white, too.

Now, what has this got to do with existing game content?

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Who? (can't name actual players if that's what this is, combining I have no idea who this person is so inb4 lock)

What? (prove what exactly?)

Where? (Is this in reference to something on twitch, reddit, or youtube? Or something else? Nothing to do with existing game content if that's the case)

Why? (Why is said person getting blackmailed, that'd mean they did something wrong right? Should be banned for it then *shrugs*)

When? (When did Jagex say they'd treat all players equally? I surely hope they'd treat botters, bug abusers, and scammers differently and worse than legitimate players)

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@ SvenmSDRAGON - If you disagree with the action taken by a Forum Moderator on your previous thread, then you may use the the Forum Moderation Review sticky to appeal that, rather than create yet another thread with a topic that has nothing to do with the forum you are posting it in.

If you are posting to appeal or protest a ban, the Forums may not be used for that. For information on bans and how to appeal them, please see the Account Bans page in the Support Centre.

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