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It appears that the bug on "Artisan Crafting" and "Morgan the Merrier" are present again. I've submitted a bug report, posting on the forum in hopes to see a quicker fix.

Steps that were taken:
1. Mined soft clay from both South-West swamp mine and from North-West mine (the one by the mill). This is the same spot as used in the beginner tasks.
2.Created soft clay in Draynor using the water tap between the bank and the potter oven there.
3. Used the "Mould" option on the soft-clay in inventory to create the rings.
4. Used the "Fire" option on the pottery oven in the potter's house to create the rings.
4A. No achievement fired here.
5. With the clay ring, used the dialogue and talk option with Morgan to sell the rings.
5A. No achievement fired here.

Please let me know if I need to provide more information, once again a full bug report was submitted as well.

03-Sep-2019 02:53:20

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There's nothing much more you can do I'm afraid. If you submitted a bug report then that's great, as Jagex will use this report to help resolve this issue. Posting on the forums won't really help.

That said, keep an eye on the weekly patch notes for news on bug fixes.


03-Sep-2019 17:40:43

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