Runecrafting in the Abyss

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Nov Member 2018


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So I got around to doing some numbers for xp in the abyss and was wondering if:
1. XP gained is not giving correct or
2. My calculations are off (probably most likely)

I was running a full load of 53 essences with me to the abyss and then onto the death altar. With only the normal 250% xp from using abyss at 10xp per essence that alone should give me 1325 xp. However, I also currently have bonus xp for runecrafting but am getting roughly 1800 xp per run.

Does the bonus xp only work on the initial xp gained and not the extra 250%? This is what I am being given based on the 530 xp gained from no abyssal bonus.

14-Nov-2018 22:37:43

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