Obisidian Smithing

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I have to agree with this...
Obsidian Armor is now pretty much Obsolete thanks to Orichalcum based gears...and now that Dragon armor is the new t60 Power Armor, wellllll….its whatever. Not like we can augment t60 stuff anyway, so that doesn't matter.

But obsidian does need some tender love and care.
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28-Jan-2019 05:00:16

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I don't think the armor needs anything special it already has a pretty useful effect, damage reduction for jad, kiln and fight pits. 45% without the shield 55% with the shield.

Buffing it to t80 would be nice.
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28-Jan-2019 06:13:52

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Do you want to tell me you've actually used a t60 armour locked behind a grand master quest as actual equipment, while not being able to use its passive effects? I mean - it is used for that effect and wherever you can use it it's the best choice you could use - making it way better than its tier might suggest.

Besides - orikalkum is tank, dragon is power, obsidian is hybrid. So they all three cover different aspects of equipment.
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