Barbarian Assault

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Hi, I've recently returned to the game. I am currently trying to get the Penance Torso and it is PAINFUL. After 10+ attempts i saw wave 10 twice and still did not finish it. People either quit early leaving 4 other guys hanging or just don't have a clue on what to do in the minigame.

My two biggest problems with BA are:

-BA is too difficult for a lot of people + it is a teamgame so people having no clue hurts the whole team (example: people not calling, people not knowing how to survive, people now knowing how to kill their monsters etc.)
-The Penance Torso and other unlocks you get from BA are must haves so you can't avoid it, that wouldn't be a problem for me if the first problem didn't exist.

Unfortunately i don't know how to fix this, my only suggestion would be to either make the game a lot easier and remove calling or something or make the rewards less important, but hopefully we can have a discussion about the topic and find a solution.

03-Jan-2019 02:32:15

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Why is the fighter torso a "must have"?
It's T50 gear...

I've been asking for it to be tier changeable for ages (up to a max of T80) so that it isn't redundant in EOC.

I think barbarian assault's difficulty is where it should be, so I don't support a nerf.
Join "ba teams" fc to find groups of players wanting to play BA.

I think an easy solution is to allow 4 players to continue playing the game.
Since only 4 roles are needed, you shouldn't require 5 players to start/play, but it's obviously advantageous to have 5 players instead of 4.
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