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This is following up on my post -----> Quick find code: 285-286-656-66074343

It would be really cool if we could see more overrides utilized while performing skilling actions and not interfere with equipped items. Currently you can't override anything used from your toolbelt and would have to be actually equipped in order to do so. There also is not currently a way to toggle overrides for specific weapon types, like the Scorching Axe for example will override all one-handed melee weapons, not just per say one-handed axes/hatchets.

I'm suggesting a function could be added that allows specific overrides to be used for tool belted items in the intended skilling actions (such as one-handed axes for woodcutting or any one-handed hammer for smithing): either from regular overrides like the Scorching Axe or keepsaked items like the 2010 Golden Hammer.

I'm also suggesting to add a toggle function so specific overrides will only affect a single type of weapon and not a broad spectrum of them: such as the Shipwrecker Trident for two-handed spears only and not all two-handed melee weapon styles. This would be how overrides functioned when they were first introduced, swords over swords, axes over axes, etc... but also remained able to broad spectrum override the other weapon styles if one chose to do so. One could equip a Guthan's Warspear and the Shipwrecker Trident would be seen, then equip a Saradomin Godsword and then a Dharok's Axe and have the Executioner's Axe override both when either is equipped.

I know it sounds like a logistical nightmare and better explained in game than on a forum post, but it would be cool to see these implemented in the future.

Lastly, we need more visible quivers for ranged-type players and a visible look for mage-type players for rune pouches/sigils. These visible accessories would be phenomenal to see in game and would make our current custom outfits that much more in-depth.
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Your ideas sound cool tbh. Also regarding the tool belt skilling overrides, at the moment if you mine something using the wickaxe of Song and Earth, the game renders the player avatar as mining using an Imcando pickaxe. I donĺt know if itĺs a glitch or not but that looks really good.
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That sounds like a great idea. Also, the reward for that sunken Tutorial Island quest could be the ability to use 2 handed overrides on 1 hand swords rather than just a 1 handed sword override that looks like a 2 handed sword.

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