Making Warbands "Fairer"

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Warbands, In its current form, encourages people to form exclusive groups and unfairly advantages high-levelled, solo players v.s. lower levelled players who are part of the growing userbase.

First, here's the pecking order of Warbands

Clan/PK FC > Casual FC > Solo PK > Leechers

That is to say, there is a very, very strict hierarchy when it comes to this DnD. In the spirit of most DnDs, I believe that all DnDs are designed to be accessible, but have its effectiveness limited according to the mechanics.

Look at Big Chin, Guthx Cache, Balthazar's. They all repeat this design philosophy. You can participate easily, but benefit more if you're higher levelled/skilled.

However, WBS is unique in the sense where you can utterly be shut out of ANY rewards from the DnD. Now, many people think that is fair, and that the solution is to just join a FC and gear up, but I think that this goes against the philosophy of all the other DnDs combined. WBS should not be an exclusive activity open only to high-levelled players, it should retain some level of inclusivity, if only to engage the group of newer players who are just trying to taste all aspects of Runescape.

There should be minimum rewards for participating in this occasional DnD. There should be some kind of safety mechanism that enables even a weak, but willing-to-participate player. Now, I'm not qualified to suggest exactly what, but I just want to point out this inconsistency in the game, and the member's gameplay experience.

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